Winds of Fortune E3 2019 ++LIVING WITH WAR (CONJUNCTIONS)++

The Sentinel Gate! A magical portal full of whimsy and adventure! Often depositing people in places they are immediately very sad to have been deposited. But also a source of endless opportunities to do things. You can read about the commonly known opportunities to go through the Sentinel Gate this event here →

These are the conjunctions that specifically deal with violence. They are also conjunctions that are easy to identify - they aren’t all the conjunctions on the gate this weekend although they are the majority of the ones that will involve fighting.

You may find this page useful to read after reading the Wind of Fortune →

Details of the major conjunctions - the battle opportunities - are also now on the wiki here →

#GetAllTheInCharacterInformationYouCanFind, #MakeAllThePreparationsYouPossiblyCan, #GetTheMaximumNumberOfPeopleYouCan.