Winds of Fortune E3 2019 ++OLD WAYS++

Our first Wind of Fortune. This one follows on from the refurbishment of the Basilica of Seven Doors and the creation of the Speaker of the Highborn assembly - which has inspired some other priests to look at ways their own national assemblies could be a but more organised. You can find it here →

In this wind of fortune you will read about:

  • A suggestion by the bishops of Sarvos that Capodomus Cathderal could do with a lick of paint and some new art and someone to look after it… although nobody can agree what that somebody should be called because this is the League.
  • An opportunity to expand the Hall of Rund so that it can fit all the priests of Wintermark in, and a discussion about the Caller of Crows position
  • A suggestion that the Tender of the Hearth title in Varushka might be rededicated to also herding the national assembly a bit
  • And a Marcher abbott’s suggestion that the March national assembly is doing right well thank you very much - but that Brother Martin Orchard is quite right that the Empire needs some common sense - and who better to provide that than Marchers?

There’s also a short section at the bottom talking about how other assemblies could create a title to help support their national assembly which may be of interest.

#AndWereOff, #MargetOfMeade4Lyf, #canYouPutARingOnACathedral