Winds of Fortune E3 2019 ++TOUCH THE NIGHT++

Wondrous Forests of the Night! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Last time it was butterflies; this time ripples. You can find out about the many and varied effects of this powerful enchantment here →

It is of especially interest if you are a naga, a magician versed in Night lore, or a member of the Imperial conclave. A quick summary of the kinds of things mentioned:

  • Naga! Roleplaying effects, trappings, and the kind of passion that makes heroic people even more heroic

  • Rituals! Weird magical effects changing The Eight-spoked Wheel and The Retrograde Wheel; Distil the Serpent’s Stone; Verdant Bounty of the Twilight Bayou; Tithe of Bats; Still Waters, Running Deep; and Wondrous Forests of the Night itself. If you have one of these rituals mastered you may want to see what peculiar changes have been rung on it.

  • Eternals! Almost everyone is poking their nose into Imperial affairs. Azoth, Lashonar, Janon, the Whisper Gallery, and Sung all have things they want you to care about.

Take a look, even if you’re not a magician, and marvel at the weirdness and confusion!

Two more Winds of Fortune to go after this one.

#SelfishnessAndChocolateArentNotVirtues, #TransformEvenMoreIngotsOfAmbergeltThanEverBefore, #NightEternalsAreTheVeryDefinitionOfStrongAndStable