Winds of Fortune E3 2022 ++All in Red++

Faraden! A mercantile nation with a complicated relationship with the Empire. It seems things are coming to a head and you can read about them in ALL IN RED which is found here: All in red - Empire

This wind of fortune deals with a number of topics that may or may not be related to each other including:

  • The tearing-down of Moonwater Hall in Upwold (no more lucrative Faraden trade in that part of the marches)
  • The big fire that has gutted Spider’s Vantage spire in Redoubt (which has implications for the Seer of the Gateway)
  • The big fire that has gutted the Red River Museum in Tassato (which has implications for the priests of Tassato)
  • Some good news! The removal of two names from a certain dreadful hit list!
  • Some bad news! The tripling of the bounty on the head (or rather heart) of the last person on said bounty list!
  • … and then the entire Faraden government fell over apparently
  • Could any of these things be related? Yes. Yes they could.

This is the third of todays Winds of Fortune and we have at least three more coming - stay tuned for more diplomacy themed events only some of which are on fire!

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