Winds of Fortune E3 2022 ++Build Up My Body++

Our first Wind of Fortune for this overly warm Monday morning concerns Adelmar the Lion. You can read BUILD UP MY BODY here: Build up my body - Empire

This wind of fortune deals with the effects of the consecration of the Shrine of the Armsmaster in Redoubt by Ranae deRondell using True Liao. It includes details of:

  • An opportunity to make the place a major site of pilgrimage for the Ambition assembly, with the added benefit of being able to train military units

  • An inspiring new way for those who support the Academy of Heroes to contribute directly to the ambition of the future masters of the Empire

  • A chance to build up the Academies of Arms in Astolat, Hercynia, Holberg, and Sarvos to help priests in those territories nurture the ambitions of their people.

There’ll be several more Winds of Fortune coming out today - this is just the first and is fairly straightforward - so remember to stay hydrated and maybe read them in the shade!