Winds of Fortune E3 2022 ++Our Thumping Hearts++

Since the Summer Archmage declared a contest to determine the new patron of the Icy Crag of the Eternal Sun, assorted eternals have been busy recruiting teams of champions. The Summer Solstice will see all this preparation come to a head. You can learn more in OUR THUMPING HEARTS which is here: Our thumping hearts - Empire

This Wind of Fortune will be of interest to any number of people including:

  • The Master of Ice and Darkness and the Summer Archmage

  • Participating champions representing the dozen or so eternals interested in vying to provide their patronage

  • Freeborn battle magicians of an adventurous kind

  • Anyone who wants to watch a bunch of wizards panelling each other in a tournament

There are of course a few complications (looking at you Blood-on-the-Snow) and at least one team that might prove a little… controversial.

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