Winds of Fortune E3 2022 ++Take it Further++

The Skallahn raid has not been a crushing success. However, the very last thing the Jotun will expect is for Imperial heroes to attack the territory again! You can read TAKE IT FURTHER here: Take it further - Empire

With proper maps, and some first-hand experience of Skallahn, a second raid is bound to be more effective than the first one was! This wind of fortune presents a very different set of opportunities to those we put together last season, with much clearer goals and outcomes, and much less savage penalties. It’s likely to be of interest to:

  • Fleet and military unit captains especially those who went on the first raid and are looking for a rematch
  • the Marcher and Winterfolk National Assemblies
  • Marchers and Winterfolk with boats who might want to try something different to privateering or trading in future
  • People who really don’t like the Jotun but do like treasure
  • Quartermaster General of the Imperial Armies
  • The mediator of Hyljehal

There’s also a wee section right at the bottom that explains why we’re taking the mildly unprecedented step of offering an opportunity a second time.

That’s the last Wind of Fortune for this evening, but we’re also finalising another slew of conjunctions - trips through the sentinel gate - which we’ll do a roundup of once they are all up!

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