Winds of Fortune E3 2022 ++Wake Up Crying++

And while we’re on the subject of disasters… a devastating flood has struck the mine of Syrene’s Wisdom in Casinea. Long overdue, the waters have drowned the mine and spewed out to flood the nearby town that gives the place its name. You can find WAKE UP CRYING here: Wake up crying - Empire

This is a localised catastrophe, and doubly ironic given the rest of the Empire is experiencing a drought, but the waters that flood the mine have nothing to do with rainfall and everything to do with… well that depends who you ask! This wind of fortune will prove of particular interest to:

  • Fennir of Brackenbeak Hall

  • The Imperial Senate

  • The Imperial Synod

  • The Silver Chalice

  • People from Casinea

That’s the last wind of fortune for this morning; there might be one or two later tonight depending on how this afternoon goes but we’re still hoping to get the last few live by tomorrow night.


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