++Winds of Fortune E4 2018++ A Blessing In Disguise


“It’s impossible!” He exhaled sharply, a little more sharply than he intended perhaps. But he was frustrated by this discussion, it just wasn’t going where he wanted.

“What happened to aiming high and pursuing your dreams? Should we perhaps amend the catechism to aim high and pursue your dreams so long as it doesn’t look too difficult?”

“Droll. Very droll.”

“This is - without a doubt - the fairest plan we’ve come up with. And - if everyone buys in - then it’s also easily the most effective solution we’ve identified.”

“That’s a pretty big if! Fine if they all come on board - but every nation will baulk - nobody will want to go first. We should go back and look at the bathhouse again - I’m telling you it’s a better option.”

“Oh yes because 500 white granite will be trivial for everyone to find. I suspect they’ll ask us if they can make it bigger.”

The sarcasm in his colleagues voice was biting. “It wouldn’t have to be the full amount…” he retorted but his voice trailed off slightly and he looked away.

“Your plan gets increasingly expensive, the more effective it is, mine works the other way. It’s a better plan. We go with this. I accept it will be difficult - it has a high chance of failure - but if everyone throws themselves into this then it will work perfectly.”

“Fine! But I’m telling you it’s impossible! So when it gets thrown out… then we try my idea.”


Over the Summer Solstice summit of 382YE, the Highborn nation took a momentous decision. Spurred perhaps by the news that some part of the soul remains trapped in the bodies of those slain by the vallorn who rise again as husks, they elected to commit themselves to the battle. The decision was not without controversy, the Throne used their authority as Custodian of Virtue to require a greater majority for the mandate to pass, and there were many in Highguard who felt that the cost was too high, or perhaps simply that now was not the time.

The cost of this mandate to the Highborn was described as ‘‘ruinous’’ by the civil service - but they chose to do what they considered right nonetheless. Kerem of the Chantry raised the successful mandate, and sent her chapter-sister Lilith to spread the decision of the National Assembly across the Empire.

Now the consequnces of that decision are beginning to be felt. Now that the decision is made, there are opportunities to deal with the fallout.

You can learn all about the situation as it stands at the start of the Autumn Equinox here -> https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/A_blessing_in_disguise

I know I shouldn’t need to say anything but I feel perhaps it is worth being clear: the three named characters actively involved in the decision to pass the Pilgrim’s mandate - Kerem, Lilith, and even Hazelponi - are all player characters, and not members of our NPC crew. Their actions have had a major influence on the game, but their decision to engage with plot presented by Profound Decisions, and undertake contentious and risky actions, should be respected, as should the fact that this mandate would have had no effect without a greater majority of the priests of Highguard offering their support to it.

Picture is by Oliver, and shows Lilith of the chantry who spread the mandate around Highguard.

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