++Winds of Fortune E4 2018++ Chilled To The Bone


Three Hands crouched low, bow in hand. As quiet as a shadow, his hand moved backwards to slowly draw an arrow from the rough leather quiver. Somewhere far away he heard a voice shouting at him to take the orc’s eye out, but he ignored it, just concentrated on his target.

He fit the arrow to the bow. Taking care not to be heard he slowly breathed in and then quickly exhaled, two short sharp blasts of air through the wooden lure. The target moved, intrigued by the sound it swam slowly towards his hide. He gave another call, then a third, as he stretched the bow back.

Then from the south came the sound of voices. The bird took flight instantly, startled. He cursed silently, his morning wasted. He stood up to look for the source of the new sound, intending to give whoever it was a piece of his mind. But his jaw dropped in astonishment at the sight that greeted his eyes.

Row upon row of humans, clad in armour and wielding weapons were marching through the shallow waters. Three Hands ducked back down, hoping desperately that they hadn’t seen him. Questions raced through his thoughts - who were they? - what were they doing here? - had they seen him?

He fought down the urge to panic - panic would see him dead before he got two paces. These must be Imperial soldiers! The only people in the world the Druj feared. If they were here - they must be intending to kill everyone. His only hope was to stay perfectly still and hope that he was no more visible to the soldiers than he had been to the duck.

The voices were silent now. Nothing to say. Nothing to do but hide. If they passed him by he would have a chance to warn the others to flee.

Ossium. Perhaps not the WInd of Fortune you were expecting but…

Here we will learn a little more about the new territorty that Dawn and Varushka have begun to make inroads into. Or at least a little more about Bittershore and the Ghalalth Fields. It’s about half crunchy loot and half highlights of some things about the territory that may lead to roleplaying, or at least give some more insight into what it means to be conquering a Mallum territory

  • The Crawling Depths and its sweet, sweet mithril
  • The Bitter Vats, the first Spoil of War in the new territory
  • The Sand Fishers of Bittershore
  • The Ketsov of Ghalath Fields

The wind of fortune is here -> https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Chilled_to_the_bone

With that we are done-done. I’m sorry its taken so long, but we had to do some significant rewrites today which slowed everything down.

Either road up, I will see you in a field soon I hope.

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