++Winds of Fortune E4 2018++ It Can't Get Much Worse


“There’s a sound. In those bushes, there’s a sound. There’s a noise. A noise like people.”

Polonius sighed and put a hand on his brother’s arm where he lay. “There’s going to be sounds, Salvius. We’re in a forest. Try to get some sleep. We’ll be walking all day tomorrow. And when we get to Therunin, it’ll be nothing but forest.” In another hundred miles, he left unsaid, and it tightened his stomach to think of it.

“But what if it’s the Druj?” The younger student rolled to look at him, pale and shivering.

Polonius took a deep breath and watched the bushes intently. If he was looking up, his brother couldn’t see the tears threatening his Poise. “Then we… fall on our swords like heroes,” he said, steeling his voice, “There’s no sense being caught. I don’t want to go back to the Labyrinth in pieces. And there’s nobody coming to rescue us.”

“How sure are you about that?” a quiet voice, far too close, came from behind them.

Polonius leapt a foot off the log, forgetting all his form as he scrambled to put his sword between him and the voice, while his brother scrambled to his feet. He heard the boy give off a little sob. “Wh-who goes there?”

The Thorn melted out of the shadows, flanked by two others like her - and a pair of battered-looking Sentinels. Polonius let out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding, a little sob of his own, and lost the battle with his tears.

“Olwyn, and this is Morwen and Seren, and that’s Caius and Decima. We’re from Peakedge. Are there more of you?” Polonius shook his head, dazed, his heart still pounding, told them about the gryphons that had driven them off into the night.

“Do… do you know where we are?” Salvius asked with a note of hope.

“We know where we’re going, and we know how to get there. Caius, are you confident making your way in the deep woods?” The Sentinel nodded curtly, managing to look only a little offended. “Good. Now, in the battle of Sentinels versus gryphons, I rate the Sentinels. So boys, Caius, you head off to safety. We’re going to go find the rest of your people.”


Conjunctions! Here you will find:a chance for any Wintermark player who has their personal resource located in the territory of Sermersuaq to start the event fleeing for their lives across the border from Sermersuaq into Skarsind.

There’s also a bunch of other quest and skirmish-style conjunctions which will be of interest to all sorts of people, many of them containing accessibility information.

You can read about them here -https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/It_can't_get_much_worse

There’s also an interesting article about conjunctions Matt has just written here - https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Conjunctions

The photo is from Beth Dooner, showing the Sentinel Gate being opened

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