++ Winds of Fortune E4 2018++ We've Been Here Forever


Jorgen held the door open politely for the tall, heavily antlered messenger, biting his tongue and managing not to warn her to duck as she struggled to make her way out. Quite why the corridors of the Castle of Thorns weren’t better designed for the unusual visitors that often frequented them was a subject he often wondered about. More so right now. Had the Herald been more comfortable, she might not have blown the trumpet that preceded her message quite so loud. Satisfied that she’d reached the end of the corridor and was being shown out by the civil servants at the main doors, he let his door swing shut and rubbed his ears ruefully.

“Did you get all that Orrin?”

“I think so. At least I wrote it down. But she can’t ask for that? Can she?”

Jorgen scowled.

“She can ask for whatever she likes. And since its a matter between Civil Service departments, its going to be down to us to sort it out”

The Highguard scribe made a sort of squeaking sound.

“Its all right. John of Meade owes me a favour or two over some particularly good Sarcophan Cheeses I managed to pass his way. And its not like they use the place all day. The Lion of Summer can send her representatives along right near the start of the Equinox”

Orrin’s pen scratched and spattered ink across the table.

“I’m more worried about how the Archmage is going to take it. A private audience after the public one and a complete refusal to discuss the main topic he raised is probably not what he was hoping for.”

“His problem though”

Jorgen grinned at the young scribe, he knew where that particular phrase came from.

“You’re right. His problem. And I daresay there’s going to be plenty out there fighting for a spot to offer tribute. They say she inspires fearsome loyalty when she wants to. Now, let me check those notes of yours and make sure we’ve got all the details right. It’s not exactly a simple Parley and I rather think that making sure the Archmage understands exactly what kind of formal reception is requested is our job too”

Orrin muttered under their breath.

“What was that?”


“If you’re going to come out with that kind of Highborn nonsense you better request a department transfer. Let me tell you I wish I could get leave from the Castle of Thorns to go to Anvil and see the full glory of the Lady of Pennants spread out. See this?” Jorgen jabbed a finger at Orrin’s ink spattered notes. “She might be expecting tribute, but she’s also sending four different cohorts of Heralds, musicians, fighters, diplomats and strategists and The Leonine Child, who hasn’t been seen in Imperial Lands for countless years according to record. This is honouring The Empire. Who knows what could come of it in the future?”

Orrin’s looked down.

“I’ll draft the notices”


Plenipotentiary! Six Eternals called by the Archmages, each one offering a discussion of some kind. Three are arranging private or semi-private audiences; two are sending representatives to the Hall of Worlds; one one is … making a very different arrangement indeed.

You can read about who the eternals are, and what they are suggesting, here - https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/We've_been_here_forever

First Wind of Fortune for Event Four! We apologise for the lateness - there’s a “funny” story behind why they’re going up this close to the event - but I’m hoping that we get them all in place by the weekend. I’ve got between four and five more to go up tonight over the next couple of hours. Due to the lateness, I’ve not put up my preliminary “these are Winds of Fortune” posts - I’m hoping to do that tomorrow when I am less rushed.

The picture represents the Australian Aboriginal rainbow serpent, and the flavour text for this first wind of fortune was provided by Kat Quatermass.

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Hmm, I’m really interested in the tontines being held by Lanster. But as I am not a mage, and will probably taking the field that morning, Would I need to be there in person to join, or could some one else join on my behalf?
IC and OOC I’m completely ignorant of the dealing of eternals.


this has just made me sad. im going to miss out on all these trasty trade just becasue im not a mage. sad days


Hey if you know some Autumn Mages and have some spare mana you can still attend :slight_smile:



Sorry but its not on the wiki and I’m super confused. Who are the expeiters?

Theyre one of the groups that will be present on saturday 11 am


It’s not generally known, you might want to ask the Autumn Archmage or other folks knowledgable in Autumn Realm lore if they know. It’s possible we’ve not seen them before as well.


In response to this I want to send something to Ephisis through one of her Herald representatives, would they generally be okay with passing along things like letters? Should I pay them?


From the other side of the hedge: your average Herald sent into the field is usually briefed not to take any letters back with them. Unfortunately, it tends to lead to far too many letters coming through which the Plot team can’t possibly respond to - what PD tends to refer to as a “disappointment engine”.

However, you can always ask a Herald if they can take messages - just bear in mind they usually have a specific goal or mission to accomplish. It’s usually a better plan to try and work with a Herald than escalate straight to the Eternal in question. They might want payment - but they’re more likely to want you to help with their Thing.

A better plan (if you want to get a message directly to an Eternal) is to petition the Archmage for that realm directly to use their Plenipotentiary power - this is sort of what’s already happened here, except from my reading the Ephisis encounter looks much more like a market than an actual audience.


My letter is small and needs no response or plot so I hope its accepted, even with payment attached!