Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++A MOUNTAIN OF VIPERS++

As mentioned in the trade winds, the Synod has enacted a mandate to encourage trade with Axos with an eye towards securing some juicy economic opportunities. You can read about those opportunities here ->

They include:

  • A new port, the Chambers of Issyk, rich in luxury goods and valuable metals
  • New options for the Quaymaster of the Black Sails and the Eastern Broker
  • More opportunities to trade liao (assuming the Synod is okay with that)
  • The chance to build new docks at Elos
  • A proposal to allow foreign exchange students that comes with a new market for precious precious star metal

The wind is intended to be read in conjunction with “Small But Nearby” which covers the broader diplomatic situation with the citadels of Axos. A lot of the work here - as with all the diplomatic winds of fortune - was done by trustworthy Stephen the most reliable diplomat.

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