Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++A PLEASING AND DECEPTIVE FACE++

As representatives of the Imperial Conclave and the Empire, the six archmages have sent out their missives inviting certain eternals to parley with them. Six replies have been received. You can read about them hre →

The responses involve the following:

  • A meeting with courtiers of the Fields of Glory in a place called the “Hall of Fellowship” - there is a guest list but each guest may bring someone of their choice to accompany them.
  • An audience with the Ashen Prince of the Thrice-cursed Court complete with strict list of invitees.
  • A peculiar auction-market overseen by servants of Estavus in the Hall of Worlds in which Imperial citizens are invited to bid ingots and measures for magic of the Autumn realm
  • A visit to the Caucus Forum for the archmage of Night, the Imperial Consul, and one other… although Lashonar has neglected to mention who they will be meeting.
  • A trip for the archmage, Imperial Seer, Spymaster, and Penumbral Watcher to speak to favoured representatives of Kimus
  • … and one extra meeting. For some reason there are seven messages from eternals relating to parley - and that seventh message is not from anyone the Empire is familiar with. I’m sure it will be fine!

That’s our last Wind of Fortune this evening; there’s plenty more to come over the next week or so. Watch this space!

#SomeEternalsAreMoreUntrustworthyThanOthers, #BringALongSpoon, #HeWasNearlyCalledLockLomond