Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++ALL THE NEWS FROM TWIN TOWN++

The fourth Wind of Fortune to deal with the League concerns debate and discussion in the foremost city of the nation, Tassato. You can read about these discussions here ->

While Holberg and Sarvos are being cursed, and Temeschwar is keeping an eye open for potential threats, its largely business as usual in Tassato - politics, scandal, scheming, and fighting the Machiavellian machinations of their perennial enemies (other Tassatans). They’ve found time while doing all that to take a look at the wider political situation and put forward some proposals. They include:

  • A major increase the status of the Imperial Consul secured by building a Consulate in Tassato
  • A response to the suggestion Seren should become the fifth city of the League, offering potentially valuable opportunities to people from both cities
  • A risky potential solution to at least part of the Whittle problem
  • And last-minute news of terrible occurrences at the Arratan Gamble.

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