Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++CROWNED IN ROSE AND HEATHER++

On the last night of the Summer Solstice, Imperatrix Lisabetta Giacomi von Holberg and her husband Juha the Cave Spider, the Imperial Magus, retired together as normal. By the next morning they were gone. No-one saw them leave their quarters. No-one has seen them since.

You can learn about the disappearance, and the repercussions thereof, here β†’

This is the first of our Winds of Fortune for the Autumn Equinox; we plan to put a few more up this evening with more due over the next week.

As always, while it’s okay to comment below we ask people to avoid discussing the events or the opportunities mentioned in-character on Facebook or other similar forums.

On we go! It suddenly feels like the last event of the year is actually happening! :slight_smile:

#GetYourPlatesAndTeatowelsReady, #ToTestSomeonesTrueCharacterGiveThemPower, #BeneathTheEmptyHillsAShadowGrieves