Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++DESOLATION OF YOORN++

Our sixth Wind of Fortune concerns two non-Imperial territories are under the shadow of a terrible Winter curse - Wither the Seed. You can learn more about the implications of this curse (for the Navarr in particular) here ->

Liathaven and Brocéliande are very different considerations; one almost entirely devoid of Imperial citizens and the other the site of a recent victory by the Navarr and their allies over not only the vallorn but the shadowy conspiracy responsible for trying to encourage it to spread. This is reflected in two very different responses to the Navarr assembly calling for the people of the nation to rally round their cousins living in these cursed territories.

This is obviously the second Wind of Fortune of particular interest to the Navarr. There’s one more to come in which we talk about the ominious “threat to the entire nation” we’ve been foreshadowing.


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