Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++DOUBLE DARE++

The Brass Coast is having a rough time at the moment, but the people remain defiant. The scheme to pay Imperial captains to fight in Segura appears to have worked - and there’s no reason it shouldn’t work again, surely? There’s also the question of where to hit the Grendel next. Both questions are answered here →

There’s some opportunities for the Brass Coast to encourage military units to come help free their nation from the barbarians - but this time the paymasters are putting slightly more restrictions on who will benefit from it, and who will foot the bill.

There’s also a discussion about the dangerous of issuing contradictory judgements.

But perhaps most importantly, the corsairs of the Brass Coast want some guidance as to where to hit the Grendel next - and they have come up with four tasty possible targets.

#NoMoreMoneyForOldRope, #MoreGuidelinesThanRules, #TheyllNeverExpectUsToDoItAgain