Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++GREAT PROSPERITY AND STRENGTH++

The Imperial Bourse has had a rocky couple of years, but the Empire will always need weirwood, white granite, mithril, and ilium. The Prosperity assembly - with the backing of the General Synod - has been enthusiastically encouraging Imperial citizens to put virtue ahead of profits, and their nation above other concerns. You can learn more about developments involving the Prosperity of the Bourse here ->

A quick summary:

  • The public auction will have a bunch of extra white granite on it and the Cinderpath Custodian will have an option to buy lots of extra white granite this downtime
  • The Broken Shore Bounty ilium is being split between the public auction and the Imperial Fleet Master
  • The Marchers have an opportunity to build Blackfield Market to encourage trade in white granite
  • Dawnish, Imperial Orc, Wintermark, Urizen, and League interests have suggestions that they want their respecting assemblies to consider with regard to whether they think they can be built or not
  • And some musings on the idea of an “Ombudsman for the Bourse” to help the Prosperity assembly keep the Bourse seats on the path of virtue

We’ve got a couple more Winds of Fortune to go, and we’ll be finishing up with Winds of Magic. Thank you for bearing with us.

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