Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++IN THE GARDEN OF DEFIANCE++

Sinister agents of the Hag Queen of the Thrice-cursed Court have unleashed a terrible curse that withered the beauty of Holberg’s Holmauer Park. The people of the foremost city of the League are known for their imagination and innovation, and when life gives you cursed lemons… you do whatever you can to make a massive profit out of it. You can read about the problems and opportunities facing the people of Holberg here ->

Some of the news is bad, but some is good. Among other things we can read about:

  • The threat presented by cursed vegetation rotting in important waterways - and the chance to show your Pride in dealing with it
  • Opportunities to take advantage of the cursed forest, the haunted sculture garden, the blasted duelling field, and the defiant refusal to allow a little thing like a devastating curse to dampen the spirits of the Burghers of the greatest city in the world
  • A miracle (?) involving flowers and Marchers
  • And some excellent news for anyone with shares in the bestest home for goodest doggoes in the Empire.

(The hard work here was done by Stephen again, and you can blame him for everything bad that is happening here)

#ItsAnIllWindThatDoesntGiveSomeoneAChanceToMakeAFortune, #RiseOfTheRicketySouvenierStalls, #ThereMayBeAReckoning