Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++Large But Far Away (Trade Winds)++

Our eighth Wind of Fortune is the first of several dealing with diplomatic matters. This one addresses relations, development, and trade with the five other great powers of the Known World and you can find it here →

Among other things it talks about:

  • A potential rival to the Liberty Pact
  • Refugees from the Asavean civil war
  • Consequences of the Conclave’s decision to allow Commonwealth magicians unfettered access to Imperial Lore
  • Developments on the Lantir question
  • And the usual slew of trade notes and delegations

As you can see we’re splitting the old “Trade Winds” Wind of Fortune into two to see how that goes - the next Wind of Fortune will deal with the local nations (Faraden, Iron Confederacy, Axos). Hopefully this makes the actual Wind itself a bit easier to follow!

(You can blame Stephen Kirkbride for this one by the way as he did all the heavy lifting on it)

#DontThinkOfPlasticCows, #InternationalStudentDollarIsAStrongDollar, #TheAllianceOfEvilIsAGoodNameForAnInternationalTradePact

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