Alright! Winds of Magic! You can read them here →

I am a little knackered so the “who this is for” is a little shorter than usual. There’s a lot going on on this page, but the bits of it that are worth looking at if you are a magician are:

  • The section about the conjunction - which has effect on certain personal enchantments that destroy and weaken

And then the more specific bits are:

  • The section on the curse laid on Casinea and Bastion. Given that the event takes place in Casinea, the lingering effects of that curse (heightened as they are by the conjunction) are important for every magician to be aware of

  • Information about the Raven’s Dream - the ceremony that Kallavesi mystics engage in where they take drugs and see visions. This time, it’s going on the road

  • Things happening in Skarsind and Reikos that if you are from those territories you should know about

  • And the usual threats, promises, offers, and boons from eternals. This time the theme is apparently “games and challenges”

That’s the last Wind of Fortune for 2019. I’ll see you all in a field soon, I hope.

#GonnaBeGreat, #NotJustNightWizards, #WerePaintingConnelBlueAndStickingHimInChainmail

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