Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++SMALL BUT NEARBY++

Wind of Fortune number nine is the other half of the trade winds - the three local human nations the Empire has contact with - Faraden, the Iron Confederacy, and Axos. You can read about diplomatic developments with them here →

Of particular interest here are:

  • Calls for aid rebuilding one of the citadels of Axos
  • Urging from an Skarsind preacher to help the oppressed Axou orcs escape to the Empire
  • A bounty placed on the heads (or hearts) of three Imperial citizens
  • An imminent visitation from Suranni “freedom fighters”
  • And the usual round up of trade opportunities and delegations

What’s missing from this wind of fortune are some specific trading opportunities with Axos - they get a wind of fortune all their own which should (all things being equal) be the next one up once I have dotted some t’s and crossed some i’s.

This Wind of Fortune is another Stephen Kirkbride production. We should also wish him well in his weekend of live-roleplaying and CRUSHing his enemies.

#YesItsAFatherDougalSkit, #NotActivelyEvilIsNotTheSameAsGood, #ThisIsYourBrainOnVengeance

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