Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++SOMETHING MUST BREAK++

There is a conjunction in the heavens, one that both reflects current events and offers opportunities to shape them. The opportunities here are primarily of interest to the people of Urizen but the Synod may also have opinions on one of them. They are discussed here ->

To break them down quickly:

  • The cyclic magic quality of the Citadel Guard may be shattered into pieces with the right kind of chisel
  • The Grand Library of Canterspire brings with it the promise of Urizen Lore
  • The Doyen of the Spires receives advice from the magicians of Urizen
  • There is a religious discussion about eternals
  • Galene Netherwatch has a boon from Adamant

This is the last Wind of Fortune for the night; there are a handful more to come tomorrow, including the round up of conjunctions, and winds of magic.

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