Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++THE BLESSING WAY++

Orcs! There are four large nations of them set around the Empire, and a number of orc tribes that live within Imperial borders as well. You can learn about significant developments with the orcs - both barbarian and foreign - here →

A rough summary:

  • Sand Fishers going well except for that whole Druj thing, with a side order of Prosperity
  • Jotun say “yes” to a thing but “no” to using it right now thanks, also what’s going on with the Sermersuaq resistance?
  • Thule diplomacy creaks slowly onwards
  • The Grendel are coming!
  • Some Druj bullshit

There’s no mention of the Great Forest Orcs here specifically because they are all over other Winds of Fortune, and there should be a specific Mournwold thralls Wind of Fortune coming today or tomorrow.

(As with most of our diplomatic WoFs this time, Stephen Kirkbride carefully laid out the bricks for most of this while smirking in that way he has)

#ListenVeryCarefullyIWillSnarlThisOnlyOnce, #GiveUsTheSandFishersAndNobodyElseNeedsToGetHurt, #CanYevgeniSignForTheDeliveryOfThreeThousandSlavesPlease