Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++THE DOOM THAT CAME TO SARVOS++

Holberg was not the only city to be struck by the curse of the Hag Queen durngi the Summer Solstice. Every mirror in Sarvos has been destroyed - bringing an end to the Jewelled City. You can read about the consequences here ->

There are three specific parts to this wind of fortune, dealing with the repercussions of Skathe’s curse.

  • First, a chance to embrace the concept of the doom by redefining the nature of the city - and at the same time showing the Hag Queen that she cannot hope to break the spirit of the most sophisticated people in the Empire/
  • Second, a discussion of the various forms a more literal doom might take - rising waters, devouring flames, and hungry unliving horrors
  • Finally, a note about a gathering of Reckoners. After all, whatever happens with the curse the mortal agents of the Hag Queen must surely owe a sizable debt to the people of the League.

(Another WoF built off a firm foundation created by Stephen. It’s his fault)

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