Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++THE LIGHTS OF TEMESCHWAR++

Holberg, Sarvos, and now Temeschwar. The Hag Queen may not have cursed the northernmost of the League cities, but there are plenty of people who see an attack on the cities of the League as an attack on the League itself. You can read about the situation in Temeschwar here ->

Detailed in this Wind of Fortune we find:

  • Discussion about the exemplar Ratibor and the inspiration he provides to the people of Temeschwar
  • Proposals to shake up the League relationship with the Bourse, starting with the Fortess of Salt
  • And some speculation about opportunities to encourage League citizens to make pilgrimages to other places in the League, beginning with the peculiar hill of Mellfort.

#BasicallyIfCommissionerGordonHadAReallyBadDay, #MoneyOrBusinessesYouDecide, #LetItGo