Winds of Fortune E4 2019 ++THREE SOLDIERS++

Our second Wind of Fortune of the day concerns the Three Watchers - the immense statues of a trio of Highborn warriors, each representing one of their three armies, that now adorn the pass form Morrow to Zenith. You can read about them here →

Consecrated with true liao, the statues have significant effects.

  • They terrify the Druj who will not go near them
  • They provide a morale boost to any Urizen or Highborn army attacking from Morrow into Zenith, or protecting against an attack from the opposite direction
  • They provide a major boost to the Highborn ability to resupply their armies for the next year
  • For the next year every Highborn character with a military unit can upgrade it using fewer wains of mithril
  • The Highborn assembly can use a mandate to encourage their armies to adopt one of two new strategies - to spread the word of the Way when fighting or to put the hated Druj to the sword