Winds of fortune : long roads to ruin
*“What in Vardas’ name are they doing?” Julienne shaded her eyes against the early morning sun and tried to get a better look at the Druj camp.

Her companion Herber shrugged his slim shoulders. “I have no idea. They won’t let anyone get close enough and when you ask them they just say it’s because we’re treacherous murderers and rubbish like that.”

He chewed his moustache speculatively. “Is it just me … or are these Druj a lot less … cheerful than the last lot?”

Julienne raised her eyebrows. “I’d never call a Druj cheerful.”

“You know what I mean. They seem … gloomy. Grim? Like a Varushkan almost. Resigned? Bitter?”

“Well we did just kick the snot out of them in a war and then kick them out of Anvil last time they came down. I’m surprised they’re trying again.”

“Yes … maybe. You’re sure they’re not doing curses or something?”

“I’ve got no idea, but Ser Guen says she’s pretty certain they’re weaving enchantments but she’s no idea what. There’s no sign of anything in the …” the yeoman waved her hand vaguely in a gesture designed to communicate magic and a lack of comprehension “… the air or whatever it is witches divine. I said she ought to get closer and find out more, but she said she wasn’t going to do that as it might cause trouble. I think we’re going to let it be other someone elses’ problem. Wiser heads than ours and so on.”

Herber nodded absently. The pair continued to watch the Druj, listening as their slow beating drums came to an abrupt crescendo and the lead ghulai slashed a short curved blade across the face of the warrior in front of them. Then the drumming began again, surprisingly quiet against the backdrop of early-morning birdsong."
Four significant orc delegations have entered the Empire, making their way to Anvil. Thule. Druj. Grendel. Barrens.

Two of them - Thule and Barrens - are legally foreigners and need no particular permission to travel through the Empire. Two of them - Druj and Grendel - are taking advantage of the law of delegation protection.

Regardless of how they are here, they all have the protection of Imperial law - but must also abide by it or risk prosecution as with any other visitor to Anvil.

You can learn the details of these four delegations here here

The picture is a scrawled-on version of one of those created by Daisy Abbott for the wiki.

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