Winds of fortune: o rose thou art sick

Curses. What are they good for?

Well, I suppose they are good for bringing suffering to your enemies, so that you can feast upon their lamentations as despair slowly overcomes them. If that’s your idea of a good time, at least.

A quartet of curses for our penultimate Wind of Fortune. Of particular interest to the inhabitants of Astolat, Casinea, Tassato, and Redoubt. Immagonna leave you guessing as to which curse goes with which territory.

If you follow this link → … u_art_sick ← you will learn about:

  • the misanthropy of magicians (and marred mana sites)
  • the slow erosion of a powerful structure
  • the surging chaos that tears at the very fabric of society (and also military units)
  • some more farmers having a dreadful Spring but this time with too little water rather than too much

I took the picture from here →… it says public domain and everything

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