++Winds of Fortune Spring 381YE++ A Prism of Faith

In Summer 379YE, Yael of Highguard experienced a past life vision, during which she claimed to have received a revelation of the Land Without Tears, a paradise that waits beyond the Labyrinth for the truly virtuous. Initially she and her followers were given permission to use liao to spread word of this revelation across the Empire. A mighty congregation formed, swelled by pilgrims from every nation in the Empire.

But when the Doctrine of the Beyond was put before the Imperial Synod - it was rejected. This caused confusion across the Empire - if the Synod rejects Yael’s revelation does that mean her words are heretical? If the Land Without Tears is not part of the Way of Virtue - is it illegal to preach it? Disagreements about what the Synod judgement really meant turned to arguments and in some cases to violence.

In response to the lack of leadership from the General Assembly, several of the national assemblies chose to pass clear judgments decisively rejecting Yael’s words. The citizens of those nations have benefited from this clear moral leadership - but it has exposed a new danger. The Imperial faith represents the shared values that bring citizens of disparate nations together, without agreement that common unity is threatened.


Last one, and I think its a doozy. The potential schism in the Imperial Synod is becoming more immanent. Following on from events at the Winter Solstice, it seems factions are forming.

You can read about it here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/A_spiritual_prism

it has a lot of moving parts so I will attempt a very basic summary

  • Wintermark, Varushka, Navarr, Urizen, the League DENOUNCED Yael during the Winter Solstice. The result is that the ability of their military units to provide effective support o Highguard, Dawn, the Marches and the Brass Coastarmies is halved (and vice versa). They have a chance to call back the members of their nations who have joined the Congregation of the FIrst Empress.
  • The Imperial Orcs have pointed out that Yael and her doctrine of the Land Without Tears is not really relevant to them - the nation are no longer affected by the turmoil surrounding Yael and her revelations. Their citizens will play no further role in this matter and their armies and military units may support and be supported by members of any other nation.
  • Highguard is suffering - a lack of clear guidance from the Highborn assembly means that the nation that takes matters of faith very, very seriously is lashing out … at other Highborn. The immediate effect is a penalty to the Highborn armies, but it will slowly get worse.
  • The Dawnish endorsed Yael, more or less. They could encourage her to become Monarch of Dawn; spread their paen to Yael to fire up theor populace; or offer the homeless Congregation of the First Empress a place in their armies that would let them either enlarge or potentially permanently empower the Gryphon’s Pride.
  • The other nations are on the fence - they aren’t suffering any penalties specifically at the moment but that may not laast.
  • Finally, the Assembly of Courage has the opportunity to transform the Congregation of the First Empress into an honest-to-virtue army and do … well probably whatever Yael asks it to.

Like I said, a lot of moving parts and this is just a very basic summary. Give it a look, why not? We’ll do our best to answer any questions and adjust the page if there’s anything obvious we think we’ve missed. On the field one of our dedicated Synod civil servants should be able to field questions as well.

Good luck!


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(I’ll be in the kitchen making a snack while you lot discuss it.)


I find it amusing that the national split is on related grounds. Highguard and their “daughter” nation of Brass Coast, the related nation of Dawn (If Yael is the mother of the Empire, you could say that she led Dawn and Highguard first), and Dawn’s “son” the Marches.

Dammit, I don’t really want to get involved with the religeon game, but it seems to be swelling into a whirlpool…

PD game has Strong Religeous Element shocker!


This whole thing is rather giving the lie to “it’s just Synod stuff.” Lovely little demonstration of the consequences of the idea that the Empire was founded on the Way of Virtue.

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