Winds of fortune: the trove remade

Punam dropped down the side of the bank into the ditch. There was a figure in the bushes that she could just make out in the twilight. Grasping her staff firmly she stalked towards the figure. It was no orc by the silhouette - its cambion horns were unmistakable in the half light.

“Comac?” She said hesitantly. The cambion turned round and grinned. His bow in one hand and a half eaten rabbit’s leg in the other. He offered it to her, but she shook her head.

“Nice staff,” He said. “You didn’t have that when I saw you in Ateri”

She smiled back at him. “We had a shipment.” She indicated her silk mantle. She had been reluctant to fight alongside the Navarr, but apart from the lack of respect for personal space and their tendency to overshare, they were a lot friendlier than she had expected.

“You’re lucky. You have no idea what I had to do just to get a bottle of ale. The Military Council must favour you, I can’t remember the last time we had anything nice delivered."

He grinned and finished eating the rabbit, throwing the bone over his shoulder.

Punam wondered how nice it must be to live so carefree. She had spent the last three evenings practicing with the other sentinels. The cyclic magic wasn’t versatile, and they would need to master six different sets of tactics if they were to get best use out of the equipment they had been given.
She actually enjoyed the problem solving involved, although fighting during the day and theorising at night was taking it toll on her, leaving her tired and aching when she finally collapsed into bed.

“You don’t still have that bottle of ale?” she said.

The cambion grinned, pulling out a small leather wrapped bottle.

“Swap you for your mage staff?” He said, laughing as he passed it over. Punam accepted it and poured some of the bottle into a small silver cup before passing it back.

“No, but I’ll buy you a pint when we get out of Spiral, I have a feeling that I won’t be getting a rest any time soon.”


The Citadel Guard has finished incorporating the Unmade Trove ( … ove_remade


A fat man who has not had enough sleep made the picture in paint. Dave Young wrote the text.


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