Winds of fortune: the twentieth empress

Surely everyone knows by now? There is an Empress, the twentieth to take the Throne, and her coronation will take place during the Summer Solstice.

You can learn about traditional forms of address, about the basic timetable for the coronation, and about a few other related things here → … th_empress

First Wind of Fortune, I am anticipating putting a lot of them up over the course of today so it’s important people don’t feel overwhelmed. I’ll be tagging them as we did last event because it worked well.

We’ve done less flavour text this time around - due mostly to time constraints and being knackered from the religion review. It’s a shame but it was that or not get them up until after the event which I’m sure you’ll agree would have damaged their usefulness.

The photograph show the new Throne, and is part of a set taken by Miranda Brennan used with kind permission.

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