Winds of fortune: whispering winds

Some said the breeze started in Feroz, blowing on-shore all along the coast from Fontargenta to Oranseri. Others said it came down out of the mountains of Kahraman racing down the passes between Serra Briante and Serra Damata. At first it seemed to be a wind like any other wind… but a wind that speaks to you is an usual thing to hear, even in the Brass Coast.

The wind blew day and night. Some heard it in the morning while they were getting ready to sail. Some heard it at noon as they took shade from the midday sun. Some heard it in the evening as they sat down their family to feast. Lovers said they heard it in the night between the first and the second sleep. Some said it was a zepher, some said it was a gale. An old man claimed the wind blew the tiles from his roof. It was different in different places, but the words were always the same. As it blew by it whispered a warning - and an invitation.

“Jotun in Liavathen. Lasambrians in Segura. Grendel off the Coast. Challenges on all sides. A hard time for any to be Free Born. A good time for all hakima to talk. I call council - meet at dusk on the first full day of the summit. I will bring olives. Cande I Riqueza.”


Cande i Riqueza has sent out a whispering wind to call a council of hakima for the Winter Solstice, the first since the death of Empres Britta. It’s primarily of interest to hakima and kohan. You can learn about it here → … ering_wind

This is the last one for now. The boss will likely be along to put up a picture of a cartoon character drawing down the curtain.

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I genuinely cannot remember where I got this from but it was definitely free to reuse.


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