++Winds of Fortune Winter 380YE++ Darkest Night

+++DARKEST NIGHT+++Imagine a droplet of ink into a glass basin of pure water. See how it spreads out, a little at a time, leaving the water a little murky.

Then Imagine another droplet. And another. And another. Imagine the droplets falling here and there, like a gentle rain of ink. Pitter patter onto the surface of the water. See how the water in the bowl turns from clear to dark. See how the ink coils and twists as it spreads out. A few more drops, carefully placed, and the water is black. Reflective. You can see your face in it much easier now.

Imagine the bowl of water is the night sky. Clouds of black ink spreading across it, gently erasing the stars. An upturned bowl of polished obsidian, lit only by the moon that drifts above the pale clouds.

The poet might look up at that empty sky, pining for the stars. The philosopher might look up and catch their breath at a sudden moment of crushing loneliness.

The burglar looks up, smiling, knowing that less stars means less light means their job is easier.

The militiawoman behind him smiles as well, unlimbering her truncheon, knowing that the glow of his little thieves’ palmstone is significantly easier to spot when the night is darkest.

I’ve mentioned this one before - that across the Empire the stars have gone out. Or been hidden at any rate. You can refresh your memories here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Darkest_night

it is of particular interest to any naga in the audience who will want to pay particular attention to → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Darkest_night#The_serpent_is_more_crafty

I glued the picture together out of parts with my meaty mitts.

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