++Winds of Fortune Winter 380YE++ No Evil Shall Escape Our Sight

'Eli dumped his bag on the table in front of him. Swiftly followed by his garish golden coat.

'Bloody glad that one is over, I thought I was going to end up turning into a Leaguer. I mean I get that its important to figure out where laio goes missing, but two bloody years on and off.

'He washed his hands in the bowl in front him, pausing to rub a scar on his arm.‘I mean when you recruited me it was all ‘You will be the eyes and ears of the Empire, hunting the enemies of virtue’, what you neglected to mention was how many ledgers i’d have to read, all the bloody auctions and having to dress like a suite of Jarmish furniture. Oh that reminds me, they don’t seem to be selling the slaves they have freed’

The old man sat at the end of the table looked up at him smiling, and laugh escaping from him,

‘Boy I remember when you changed your name from Elis to Eli. The oaths you took were to serve no matter the danger, paperwork is a danger that many of us have to face… But since you’re tired of columns and ledgers, I have something much more dangerous for you. I’m sending you to Anvil to be the liaison to the synod. We are offering our services to the Cardinals - please remember to be polite.’
'Eli stared at the old man who recruited him so long ago with a with a look that would make a paragon balk. ‘Fu…’

The SIlent Bell - an Imperial Sodality associated with the Assembly of Vigilance - has recently begun to assist the Imperial Synod in hunting out threats to the Empire. They are keen to formalise this relationship.

You can learn about the SIlent Bell, and a little of their slightly shady history, here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/No_evil_shall_escape_our_sight

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I’ve now read the whole entry on the wiki and I love this. I love the Vigilance vs Nine idea, of Vigilance vs Pride and Loyalty, of being able to poke things within the Empire… yessss.

So the choice is “Give Assembly of Nine a Batsignal” or “Give Cardinal of Vigilance a Batphone” tricky…