++Winds of War E1-2018++

++WINDS OF WAR E1-2018++
Before every event we publish a set of Winds of War. The first Wind of War will go up here shortly, and will be copied to the forums (Announcements - Empire Forum) by our elite forum ninjas. It’ll also be posted to the Winds of War page on the main wiki here → https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/381YE_Winter_Solstice_winds_of_war (where it is generally much easier to read than on facebook if I’m honest).

Once all the individual Winds of War are up, we’ll finish with a roundup of the major conjunctions (the battle opportunities, and maybe a large skirmish or two). Then I’ll put a short summary of the winds of war onto the wiki page and we’ll be onto the next step - prepping for Winds of Fortune.

News of the Empire’s victories and defeats spreads quickly across the Empire, in part thanks to the swift footed Navarr messengers and the broadsheets of the League.

Each Wind of War consists of a report on the campaign, delivered in reasonably in-character language. Players of military characters (and indeed anyone who lives in the territory where a campaign is taking place) are encouraged to use this text as the basis for creating their own stories about what they, or their company of soldiers, did over the last few months.

This is followed by a short out-of-character section which deals with absolute facts - it’s also a tl:dr version and tells you what the situation is with that campaign at the start of the event.

The game information section deals with the nitty-gritty of numbers, regions captured, and important game effects. Sometimes it’s followed by a participation section as well - calling out a specific option you as a player can take to represent involvement in the campaign. Often these involve starting the game with a wound or disadvantage, or sometimes a roleplaying effect.

As always, how much or how little of this information you choose to know in character is up to you. Part of the purpose of Winds of War (and the Winds of Fortune that will follow shortly) is to allow players to choose to be aware of things their characters “should” know based on what their roleplaying says they have been doing for the past three months.

The Winds are not short - but you definitely do not need to read them all. It’s a good idea to at least scan over the game information section for any campaigns that are taking place in your nation, especially if they are taking place in your home territory as there may be something there that effects you even if you don’t own a military unit.

After Winds of War is live, we’ll put the Roll of Honour up on the wiki - the list of which military units (and fleets) have been assigned to which Imperial army, fortification, spy network, (or navy).

As always, we’re keen for people to froth and share the excitement - but please save discussions of these events for when everyone is in-character at the event! A short expression of excitement (or despair)is fine, but Facebook is not the place to plan what you’re going to do about the Winds of War, nor to get into intense discussions about what may or may not have gone differently.

In particular, remember that a lot of things that are happening here are a result of incredibly tough decisions made in-character by your fellow players. Discussing the merits of the Empire’s actions is part of the politics of the game in the field - but passing judgement on your peers on social media is no fun for anyone. Save it for the field.

Right then - I’ll see you soon with the first Wind of War for in which the Imperial armies … well you’ll just have to wait and see :wink:

The photo is from @Oliver Facey, and as always he, Beth Dooner, and Tim Baker have been a great help sorting pictures out for the Winds a job I am way too lazy to do myself.

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I’ve been reccomending these to nervous new players all winter: Read the Winds of War, and you’ll have something to talk about when you meet folk in game. “Have you heard the news from X?” “What do you think it means…?” “Were you there?” all good ways to start a perfectly in-game conversation, whatever you’re playing.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, and it fits with your character, you could claim to have been part of the armies and actions in play. Did you march with the Bounders to the western edge of the Mournwold? Did you see the actions of the Druj in Zenith? Your own small stories linked into the bigger ones can help you feel more part of the game, and make good stories around the campfires…