Winds of War E1 2019 ++FIRE AND HEMLOCK++

The first Wind of War for 2020 is now live on the main wiki. You can find it here ->

It concerns the fight against the Heirs of Terunael in Hercynia, Therunin, and Liathaven… and in the hearts and souls of those with the briar lineage.

Even if you weren’t involved directly in the struggle to defend Hercynia or Therunin, the game information and participation sections may be of interest to you especially if you are a briar living in one of the three contested territories.

There’ll be another Wind of War tonight, but we we’re slightly shifting our usual tactic of putting them all up in one go. The rest will follow later.

The photograph is from the Tom Garnett collection, and shows plucky Navarr fighting off unspeakable vallornspawn husks.

#LetsGetReadyToRumble, #TheOnlyGoodBriarIsAnImperialBriar.