++Winds of War E1 2019++ Stirring dull roots with spring rain


Our final Wind of War for now - the campaign for Ossium in the north. You can read about how the Dawnish and Varushan forces have done here -> http://bit.ly/2XlRoots_and_Rain

As we did last time, we’ll be accompanying this Wind of War with a Wind of Fortune closer to the event that will talk about the realities of holding land in the Mallum.

Please remember that, while the events here are dramatic, the time and place to discuss them is during time-in and not on the internet.

That’s it for the time being - while we’d normally finish with a Wind of War detailing the Major Conjunctions for the first event we’ll instead be releasing that information closer to the Winter Solstice.

I apologise for the delay on this one but we weren’t entirely happy with the original write-up and so we took some time to polish it a little and hopefully make some of the things that are going on here a little clearer.

(ETA) There was a slight error here with a ritual we had missed of the write-up, an an incorrect general. I’ve edited that in, and I apologise for the mistake. Hopefully that is now sorted.

The photo is from Oliver Facey.
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