++Winds of War E1 2019++ The Rattle of the Bones

Second Wind of War of the evening: Mournwold. The clearance of the Feni from Alderly Edge. Sorry, the woods of Alderly. You can find it here: http://bit.ly/Rattle_of_the_bones

It mostly involves Feni; you can probably skip it as I am sure it has gone swimmingly.

The photo is a lightly cropped Tom Garnett number. There were a lot of photos I might have used which are sadly not Empire photos, and I have to tell you that if I had my way I’d be playing Clannad over large sections of this write up.

#NothingIsForgotten, #WeAreInRatsAlley, #AFarmerFromMobberleyWasRidingToMacclesfieldFair

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