++Winds of War E1 2019++ The Turning Tide


With four hours to go before the early booking deadline, our first Wind of War has just gone live: the Raid against Dubhtraig.

You can find the details here: http://bit.ly/2TdXLNa

It is quite detailed in places. My only regret is that I couldn’t manage to find a way to mention the character who brought an impressive 480 (!) strength to bear all by themselves.

I urge any of you who took part in the raid to consider what form treasures taken from the Grendel may look like. While the purely mechanical rewards of ingots, measures, crystals, herbs, and coins should be in your inventories that’s no reason not to consider decking yourselves out with jewelry, or filling your in-character tents with exotic rugs, objets d’art and the like.

I’m anticipating the rest of winds of war over the coming weekend. Game, as they say, on.

The photo, for your information, is from Beth Dooner. They certainly look like a happy bunch.

#RedSkyAtNight, #AllTheWayToDubhtraig, #SandalsOnTheOtherFoot

What's your bling!

The Grendel must be quite angry at the defeat, you could say they that their leaders are… …salty.


Oh. Yes. I appreciate that. hat tip