Winds of War E1 2020 ++HOMEWARD BOUNDERS++

Our fourth Wind of War is now live on the main wiki. You can find out about the Imperial campaign to drive the Jotun out of Bregasland here ->

In addition to the write-up of the campaign, there’s some interesting implications for Marcher characters, especially those from Bregasland. As always, the additional briefing mentioned is available ‘‘only’’ to specific characters. Please do not e-mail in asking if you can receive that information; it will be based entirely on where your personal resource is located.

We also talk briefly about one of the steps we’ll be taking going forward to reduce coronavirus risks among player volunteers monstering battles. We’ll talk about that in more detail nearer the time.

The photo is a lovely shot from Beth Dooner. I really like the facial expressions on the two central characters which seem to tell a complicated story all their own.

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