Winds of War E2 2019 ++BRAVADO++

Segura, and the Lasambrian Jotun. How’s that going, you ask? Well if you click this link to the sixth Wind of War you can find out. Here it is. Click it ->

Before I forget - given its nearly midnight now seems a good time to remind everyone that midnight tomorrow is the late booking deadline. If you haven’t booked yet its your last chance to do so without paying the higher Gate Booking price. So possibly something to do in the morning?

We’re into the home stretch now. I think there’s only one more big one people are waiting for? Something about seals? I’m sure I have it here somewhere…

The photo is by Oliver Facey, a lovely shot of a quarrel of Marchers about to happen to someone.

#VirtuePrevails, #OrangeIsTheNewRed, #NothingOminousHereDontWorry