Winds of War E2 2019 ++ Carve Away The Stone++

Third Wind of Fortune takes us right up the eastern front to Ossium - as far north as the last one as south. Here we can learn about the fight between the armies of Dawn, the Varushkan Golden Axe, their Thule allies, and the Druj, over ownership over the last two regions - Nearweald and the Drownbark Forest. Read it here ->

We’re planning to get a page about Ossium up on the wiki reasonably soon - Stephen has put it together it just needs a bunch of PHBC. Don’t hold your breath - despite the fact a bunch of Varushkans are moving into the territory the Empire doesn’t know all that much about whats in it apart from “trees”, “probably orcs”, and “horrible horrible animals.”

The photo is by Beth. I imagine everyone in it is shouting “glory!” Or at least thinking it very loudly indeed

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