Winds of War E2 2019 ++Good News First++

As we surely know by now, something has riled the vallorn of Brocéliande up something rotten. The second season of trying to stop it overrunning the bits of the territory the Navarr have managed to clear is described in Wind of War four which you can find here →

There’s also some news I am going to characterise as “alternately good” because I’m trying to use more upbeat language in these things. If you’re some kind of gloomy pessimist who likes the alternately good news first you can skip to it here →

We’ve included the list of who went to help in Brocéliande which you can find in the Game Information section.

The photo is from Beth and I do like the movement in it. Its a great action shot.

#HurrahForTeamTharim, #SomethingAboutTheWayOneShoeDropImpliesSomething, #CouldBeALotWorse