Winds of War E2 2019 ++Mission++

Our first Wind of War takes us on a daring adventure to the Broken Shore - the territory of Mareave and the sinking port-town of Beoriadh as Imperial heroes stage a lighting raid against the orcs to free thousands of slaves, destroy a partically completed castle, and burn a colisseum. You can find it here ->

It relates to the Unleashing the Storm wind of fortune from last event which you can refresh your memory of here ->

In addition to the description of the raid, and the Game Information section, there is also a Participation section at the bottom which is worth a careful look if you took part in the raid by assigning your military unit or fleet. You can find it here ->

It mentions an opportunity to e-mail us if you want a thing. Please, for the love of God, do not email us unless you meet the criteria - you assigned a unit or fleet to support the actual downtime action. You can roleplay you were there if you like but you cannot have the bonus ribbon.

We are intending to add a “roll of honour” to this action listing everyone who went but the plan is to do so at the end so please be patient.

And we’re off! The photo by the way is from Beth Dooner who, along with Tim Baker was invaluable in finding me a load of photos at short notice.

#Freedom, #HowCanAWaterparkBurn, #IWillHaveMyVengeaceInThisLifeOrTheNext]

Gosh, I can certainly recommend reading the Participation section of that Wind if you were involved and following the instructions within.


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And here’s it being read out by some keen players :slight_smile:.

Already?! Such keen! :smiley:

Dammit, only just getting round to reading these and missed the deadline to request a cool thing! >.<