Winds of War E2 2019 ++Spindrift++

Actually, Sermersuaq is freezing this time of year so lets stop off somewhere a bit warmer before we get there. Remember that armada of Grendel ships we mentioned earlier? The one that was anchored just off Sarvos? I wonder what they’re up to. If you also wonder this why not click this link →

It leads to Wind of War number seven so I think we can probably surmise from that that they haven’t gone running off home in tears. Or maybe they have?

(Spoiler: They haven’t)

This is the penultimate wind of war. There is one more to go - no fooling - and I anticipate it being up in about fifteen minutes. Hope to see you there.

It’s a Beth photo of Grendel on land sharks. Which is always nice.

#WellThatsThatSaysSarvos, #WeveShownThoseGrendelTheEmpireCantBeBullied, #ExtortionIsNearlyAsUglyAWordAsInvasion