Winds of War E2 2019 ++The Pass++

Wind of War the second concerns events in Urizen. The campaign in Morrow, and the raid into Zenith. You can read about it here ->

The Zenith raid came as a result of a Wind of Fortune from last event which you can find here ->

There’s also a participation section which applies to you if you are a draughir and either were in Morrow, or assigned your military unit to support the Strike into Zenith. You can read about it in more detail here ->

As before, we’ll add a roll of honour for the Zenith section at the end.

The photo is from Oli, and shows last events Day of the Dead celebrations in Highguard

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Woooo! We did it!

Leah is pleased.


Indeed, I’ve been waiting for this Wind of War for ages!

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Go team unconquered :smiley:

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Also go Team Winter Ritualists Who Might Have Had Something To Do With Those Wolves :wink:


…Knowing about the wolves would have been nice, I’ve have had to steal fewer Dawnish. Oh well. Looks like all that cat herding paid off.


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Unexpected Wolves In Your Favour is obviously the chance card you drew this turn.

Sometimes life gives you wolves, make…death and destruction?

They are Good Dogs. When life gives you Good Dogs, you tear a Druj’s throat out.

Huzzah, Urizen is coming back into its own. I haven’t been to Empire yet but even I was rooting for those good old mages XD

We’re not all mages! Come and visit the Urizen camp when you do make it to Empire!

Okay doke, I will thanks ^^

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