Winds of War E2 2019 ++The Stars Look Down++

Here we are then. Wind of War number eight, the last Wind of War before the Spring Equinox. Sermersuaq, during one of the coldest winters in living memory. You can find out what happened here ->

There is also a participation section for any changeling whose military unit supported the Green Shield, Fist of the Mountains, Bloodcloacks, Fire of the South, or Red Wind Corsairs. You can find it here ->

And apart from reminding you again about tomorrows late booking deadline, that is us done.

For tonight anyway. Tomorrow we’ll have the last wee Wind of War which will lay out the major conjunctions but I want to mess with the formatting so it will have to wait. Night night people.

The photo is from Steph Morris, from an old album of beautiful winter shots.

#BackOnceAgainToTheFordOfBerusen, #ThisOneIncludedAHalfHourArgumentAboutHowLakesFreeeze, #AreYouNotEntertained,