Winds of war - interlude : the greatest weapon


Some people in the south say that insight is the greatest weapon. Others say that knowledge is a power in its own right. Even where the Empire is not engaged in brutal conflict against its enemies, there are events of note.


During the Summer Solstice, the Empire struck against the Grendel defending Ossuary and gave them a thorough thrashing. Forced to retreat in disarray, the orcs leave an opening for the Imperial forces to swoop in and claim not only the mithril mine but the entire region - and with it the territory of Spiral. With intelligence gained through heroic action, the generals discovered that the Grendel armies were being ordered to defend rather than launch an offensive over the coming season and made their plans accordingly.

Spiral is an Imperial territory. The Eastern Sky, Green Shield, and Northern Eagle defend the four northern and western regions, while the still very significant Grendel presence occupies the south and the east. They defend Apstrus, Apulus, and Screed (where stands the sinister Black Plateau) with at least the same fervour that the Empire defends Ateri, Cinion, Ankra, and Ossuary.

In the absence of further conflict, reports of eerie dreams among the sensitive decline rapidly. Urizen illuminates report that the Black Plateau appears to be settling down again. The rumbles of thunder and hate that have been observed in recent seasons quieten down… but do not fall entirely silent.


The Highborn army of the Seventh Wave, fresh from their engagement in Kharaman, come to Sarvos with a grim intent. They stand vigilant against any potential threat from the sea, and concentrate on restoring some of the losses they have suffered fighting against the Jotun in the west. Some of their Unconquered scouts also set about carefully exploring the League territory for signs of an alleged network of spies. So far they have reported no success - but at the same time there has been no impediment to their ability to re-equip and resupply.


Again this season, powerful magical citadels rise in Kallavesa and Bregasland. Mists and briars, trees and marsh beasts alike work to protect the marshes of Wintermark and Bregasland. Their protection proves unneccessary. No orc forces enter Bregasland, and the Jotun forces pushing into Kallavesa first pause in their advance, and then they march back across the border to the west. Not all the Jotun leave - they still have the beginnings of a beachead in West March that will need to be rooted out. But there is no further immediate threat to the sacred lakes of the Winterfolk.


The army of shambling unliving husks that emerged from the Semmerlak into Weirwater does not stay in Weirwater. Rather than entering Semmerholm, the army turns aside at the last minute and marches westward through the southern forests and hills, through Hawksmoor and Weirmoor, and enters Winterborne just north of the town of Weaving in Astolat.

The witches of Weaving take one look at this army of stumbling cadavers and sound the alarm. As the first stories of the bloodthirsty unliving horrors preying on farmers and travelers, they rouse the Golden Axe, and the defenders of Castle of Thorns. The Varushkan army is spending a season near the tourney grounds of Laroc, being entertained and resupplied by the artisans and magicians of Spiral Castle, and responds quickly to the threat to the Dawnish people. Varushkan warriors, Dawnish witches, and the yeoman garrison of the Castle immediately march north to the defence of Weaving.

The abominations are utterly outclassed. Between the total commitment of the Varushkan army to defending Astolat, and the looming presence of Castle Astolat, the cadaverous forces are completely outmatched. The wily Varushkans kill as many as a tenth of the horrors and inflict crippling injuries on many more. yet before the army flees back into Weirwater, they account for some two hundred Varushkan soldiers many of them torn apart and their flesh consumed by the monstrous host before they can be driven off.

The lifeless horde retreat, but the damage is done. What should have been a relaxing visit to Astolat for the Golden Axe has been viciously interrupted. The Varushkans harry the unliving forces back to the borders and then stand a vigilant watch over them for the rest of the season, supported by weavers from the nearby Dawnish town and sentries from the Castle of Thorns, but the haunted legion out of Karsk makes no effort to return and appears to be camped now in the woods of south-western Weirwater far from any significant Imperial settlement.

A quick roundup of stalemates, minor effects, and useful-to-know information. You can read it in full here → … terlude.29 along with a small “game information” section with more info about the effect of the attack on Astolat on the Golden Axe.

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